Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Famous black people with blue, green and hazel eyes.

Actress Vanessa Williams has Baby blue eyes.
Actor Chris Williams the brother of  Vanessa Williams has true blue eyes

Boxer Suga Shane Mosley has grey eyes.

Actress Stacey Dash is notorious for having beautiful eyes that change from green to blue.

Actress KD Aubert has beautiful dark green eyes with a chestnut star-burst.

Actor James Earl Jones has the very rare dark navy-blue eyes.

Actor Robert Ri'chard has pale green eyes.

Actor Michael Ealy has sky blue eyes.

                                                                            Comedian Gerald Kelly has pale green eyes.

Actress Tiffany Hines has hazel eyes.

British celebrity Mark 'Rhino' Smith Has green eyes.

Football player George Wilson has Greyish Green eyes.

Actress Raven SymonĂ© has hazel eyes.

Actress Denise Vasi has baby blue eyes.

Singer Rihanna has green eyes with a hazel star-burst.

Model Dollicia Bryan has pale green eyes.

Rapper Erick Sermon has olive green eyes.

Model Eva Marcille has amber eyes.

Actor Gary Dourdan has pale green eyes.

Actress jada Pinkett-Smith has amber eyes.

Actor Terrence Dashon Howard has green eyes with a hazel star-burst.

Singer Natalie Cole has green eyes with a hazel star-burst.

Model Tyra Banks has green eyes with a hazel star-burst.

Professional Bodybuilder Phil Heath has pale green eyes.

Actress Lisa Raye has hazel eyes.

Actor Jesse Williams has pale aqua green eyes that look blue when he wears blue.

Actress Katerina Graham has dark green eyes.

Singer Leona Lewis has Greyish green eyes.

Singer Smokey Robinson has light green eyes.

Husband of Singer Mel B, Stephen Belafonte has sky blue eyes.

Actress Regina King has hazel eyes.

News reporter Tj Holmes has dark green eyes
Nicole Murphy Eddie Murphy's ex-wife has aqua eyes in-between blue and green.

Baseballer A-rod has light green eyes.

Model Bianca Holland has blue eyes.

News Anchor Errol Barnett has green eyes.

Actress Tanya Wright has amber eyes.

Footballer David James has green eyes.

Actress Antonia Thomas has green eyes.

Entrepreneur Tina Knowles mother of Beyonce has green eyes,